Research Findings and Policy Implications June 2021

/ Analysis
A recording of the June 2021 discussion of research findings and policy implications by the academic team and the research advisory committee.

The discussion opens with two presentations. Dr Alex Coupe provided an overview of key research findings that identified the lack of a coherent strategy for developing art for reconciliation and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. Dr Pauline Hadaway set out three key research recommendations, the need to:

Support for the Art for Reconciliation Research Advisory Committee to continue to meet as a network and forum for more strategic cooperation between funders, arts and community organisations, practitioners and participants, actively involved in planning, policymaking, practice and practical delivery.

Re-collect objects, documentation, experiences and knowledge to build an archive of historic art for reconciliation practices.

Use the Research Advisory and archive methods to draw on practitioner knowledge, participant experience and as a resource for new research that will inform an effective strategy for the future development of art and cultural practices involved in reconciliation and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

The presentations are folowed by a discussion between the academic team and their arts, community and funding partners.

Title image from a performance of A Queer Céilí at The Marty Forsythe by Kabosh theatre (2019)

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