Hands of History
Artist, Raymond Watson’s 'Hands of History' comprises the bronze hands of Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern, David Ervine and Mo Mowlam, and others who led the peace process (Watson’s original Belfast/Good Friday sculpture), alongside new bronze hands of those who continue to advance peace-building, including Monica McWilliams.

The bronzes are mounted on bases cut from Mourne Granite, the same material that forms the steps to Stormont Parliament Buildings in Belfast. The use of granite stone reflects the notion that in ancient times there was a sense of immense power and permanency about a large rough shaped rock. This centrepiece is accompanied by other sculptures created using reclaimed wood, as well as paintings and prints.

Making their international debut will be three audio visual installations using genuine historical artefacts in combination with digital technology to produce immersive, thought provoking artworks. The artefacts include a grappling hook made by prisoners at Long Kesh/Maze prison in the 1970s; the keys from the cells and buildings at Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast hanging in an interactive gallery space; and an audio memoir presentation by the artist, Raymond Watson.