Invitation to Observe
Curated by Pauline Hadaway using photographs by British, Irish, Argentinean, Iraqi and Colombian contributors, 'Invitation to Observe' presents seven remarkable works that bear witness to and reflect on the experience of conflict and conflict transformation.

This continuous screening takes us on a reflective journey through Northern Ireland, Argentina, Colombia and Iraq; with highlights from Frankie Quinn’s 'Interface Images' and 'Israel-Palestine'; Helen Zout’s 'Disparitions; Bitter' from Open Shutters Iraq (by Um Mohammed and Eugenie Dolberg); Edwin Cubillos Rodriguez’s 'Labrando Memorias' (from Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, Colombia); Jamie Holman’s 'Belfast Shadows', from LCpl’s Stan Holman’s collection, and Chad Alexander’s 'Entries'.

'Invitation to Observe' is an intimate and emotional journey through a landscape exploring the personal impact of conflict.