A Queer Ceili (Kabosh)
A new production from Kabosh that explores the events of the first National Union of Students Lesbian and Gay Conference, Queen’s University Belfast 1983, based on both interviews with people who were in attendance at the events of the weekend and archival research.

It is based on real events and explores not only those but ‘essences and equivalences’ of the time particularly around identity and activism. Kabosh in partnership with OUTing The Past, written by Dominic Montague and directed by Paula McFetridge, a premiere with the Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics. Funders: ACNI, Belfast City Council, Community Relations Council NI, and The Halifax Foundation.

Kabosh is an independent theatre company focused on new theatre in interesting places using the history, stories and buildings of Northern Ireland as its inspiration. Founded in 1994, the company is committed to challenging the notion of what theatre is, where it takes place and who it is for.

The company is core funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council and the Community Relations Council. This project has also been funded by the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland.

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